Google Resources

Here are some resources and ideas to get you going with using Google in Education.

Join the conversation about using Google Apps here.
Visit Google for Educators.
Learn how to become a Google Certified Teacher.
r Google Apps
Explore Google Classroom Activities.
Learn to use Google Apps for ePortfolios here.
Read how about Digital Storytelling with Google Maps

Google For Educators Guide Book - presentation slides and Google Apps crib sheets from a workshop
Dave did in 2008 for his district. (PDF file in Google Docs)
Getting Started with Google Sites and Google's Blogger
Google Docs Resources
Google Tutor - great site for users of Google's Applications.
Google Apps Handout for TechForum Round Table .
Article about using Google in the Classroom on a daily basis.
Educational Technology Guy Blog - 7 Things You Should Know About Google Apps

Some other free stuff:

Evernote - great note-taking system. Easily capture and search your notes and clip info from web sites.
Sugarsync - free, online backup of your files. Will also sync your files across multiple computers.
Engrade - free online grade book. Allows parents and students to view their grades online.