Welcome to Pushing the Envelope with Google Apps Roundtable!

Round Table Agenda

  1. Facilitators introduction
  2. Innovation poll
    1. What do you use from Google?
    2. Has your school/district switched to Google Apps?
    3. What do you think about "cloud-based" or hosted applications vs. software on a computer?
  3. Facilitator share of innovative ideas
  4. Roundtable discussion about how these tools can enhance teaching and learning
    Note: Participant introduction as they share their feedback
  5. Participants share of innovative methods they've used discussing how these ideas have enhanced teaching/learning
  6. Share the most powerful take away from the roundtable (and let it be captured via a google form)
  7. Wrap up with asking participants saying more either about the ideas they or a colleague captured and why it was powerful
  8. Keep the conversation going

We will post notes and resources from the round table discussion on this wiki page.

Poll: How familiar are you with Google Apps?
To Vote Text a Code to 99503
Very familiar-use Google Apps frequently Code 93567
Somewhat familiar-use Google Apps once in awhile Code 93079
Unfamiliar-never have used Google Apps before Code 93089
To Vote on the web: http://tinyurl.com/techforumpoll

Google Form: http://tinyurl.com/googleappsform